Appointment Book

The appointment book is your establishment's diary. It covers all the day to day running of your business, from your client’s appointments to staff schedules. On top of that its user friendly appointment management system can be used by everyone from owner to receptionist to specialist.

All your appointments are listed in a single book that can be accessed from anywhere.

Full list of Salonium features

Your customers will be able to book appointments anytime. They can see your available timeslots.

Online Booking with Deposits

Clients can book appointments online anytime using our integrated web scheduling feature. It has been shown to increase client satisfaction and loyalty. You can even take deposits to make sure all bookings are serious.

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Mini  website with the most important information is available at no cost for every Salonium customer.

Mini website

If you don't have a website, we will provide you with a smart solution: a website tailored to your needs.

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Client information screen contains client's details, visit history and notes.

Customer Relationship Management

Each Customer card contains the key details of that customer. You can add notes, color formulas, medical conditions and other personal data.

Show your customers that they are special and give each client the satisfaction and individual service they desire. Our service enables you to provide the best service and with no costly overheads or extra administration.

Quick Search

Find your next appointment or customer card with only a few keystrokes.

With Caller ID, you can type in any numbers to check a customer's phone number and quickly open up his history and upcoming appointments. The Quick Search feature is just a click away - just hit "s".

Every Employee can manage his own working hours.

Employee Schedules

Set employee schedules, holidays or off-days. Print out their schedules and enable them to check their schedule over the web from wherever they are using a laptop or smartphone.

Smart and simple appointment handling

All employees can start using system without any training. System is very intuitive and easy to use.

Employees can, at the touch of a button, immediately see all of their intersecting or out of working-hours appointments.

Quality guaranteed

Our service is 100% virus free. The nightly backups, constant monitoring of service and frequent updates make Salonium an essential business application.

Our innovative system has been developed and is managed by a team of experienced gurus.

Salonium Mobile

Salonium Mobile

This gives you instant access to your Salonium information using your smartphone with full web browser such as iPhone or any Android OS based device. From your phone you can book, edit or cancel your appointments, look up client details, and view your schedule wherever and whenever.

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Text Reminders

The appointment confirmations and reminders which our service sends via SMS have been proven to reduce no shows. Salonium allows automatic reminders to be scheduled at a predefined time. We've also included a tool for text message personalization.

Intelligent appointment invitations increases customer appointment frequency and businness revenue.

Smart Invitations

Increase your customer appointments frequency by sending out automatic invitations.

Our Smart Invitations will suggest when an invitation should be sent. Invite customers to book appointments in beauty business or for diagnostic medical checks.

All your customer will need to do is click on a link and book online!

Pricelist describes provided services and assigns them to employees.

Pricelist Editor

Define your services and categories, arrange them to fit your needs and set prices in our Pricelist Editor. You can assign different prices to different employee categories.

Your final pricelist will be automatically updated in your minisite and Online Booking system.

You can print out your pricelist to use in your reception area.

It's web based!

Salonium is a modern Web-based software service and there are many benefits included. You can access your business information from anywhere at any time. We take care of the entire infrastructure involved, and our reliable system covers data backups and protection from natural disasters or theft. And there is no need to install and maintain complex software at your premises.

All you need is a web browser!

Pay as you go

There are no long-term contracts, lock-in periods or cancellation fees. Start using beauty salon software now. You can test-drive the system for free and after that we function on simple month to month billing.

Works great on PC and Mac, all popular web browsers!